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Getting Help With Car Accidents

Nothing is more terrifying than being involved in a car accident. In addition to attending to your own needs, you also have to worry about your passengers, your car, and taking the right steps. Unfortunately, if you aren't careful, you might end up destroying your personal injury case or hurting your own healing process. Fortunately, you don't have to go through that process on your own. With the help of a lawyer, you can worry about the things that really matter while a professional handles your phone calls, medical bills, and insurance paperwork. Check out my website to learn more about how a car accident lawyer could help you.


Can You Sue The Police For An Injury? 3 Things You Need To Do

Most police officers are hardworking men and women who truly want to protect the communities they serve. However, anyone in any profession can make a mistake, and there are also occasional bad actors in every profession. Unfortunately, when a police officer is negligent or acts maliciously, people can be seriously hurt. And if you're harmed by someone who is supposed to be upholding the law, you may find yourself wondering where you can turn for justice. Read More 

Accident In The Company Car: Collecting Worker’s Compensation & Suing The Other Driver At The Same Time

If you were injured in an auto accident while driving a company car, you may be able to claim worker's compensation and sue the other driver at the same time. However, you can only sue the other driver if he or she is at fault for the car accident. And, you can only claim worker's compensation if you were driving the company car while traveling to or from work, performing a work duty, or running a special errand for your employer. Read More 

Car Accident Caes: 3 Financial Impacts For Wait Staff Workers

As a wait staff worker, your job requires standing for hours at a time, carrying heavy items, and constantly moving around a restaurant. When you've been involved in a car accident, your ability to perform these tasks may be limited due to the injuries that you have suffered. If someone else is liable for your accident, then you may seek damages through a settlement case. As you plan your settlement case, it's important to gather information about your medical bills and lost income due to missing work. Read More 

Hire A Truck Accident Attorney To Help Your Trucking Company Meet The FCMSA’s Requirements

A conviction of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious issue for truck drivers -- but it's not just a problem for drivers themselves. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCSMA) holds trucking companies responsible for driving-under-the-influence violations, along with drivers. If you own a trucking company, here's how hiring a truck accident attorney before one of your drivers is in an accident could help safeguard your company from potential charges. Read More 

Starting Your Nursing Career? How Can You Protect Yourself Against Malpractice Allegations?

If you've recently graduated from college and are preparing to take the NCLEX, you may be eagerly anticipating the start of your nursing career. With job openings in the nursing field continuing to grow much more quickly than the average profession, you should essentially be able to write your own ticket—choosing between multiple employers and career paths rather than being restricted with limited options. However, few things have the power to derail or end your burgeoning nursing career more quickly than allegations of malpractice or a patient's malpractice lawsuit naming you as a defendant. Read More