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Getting Help With Car Accidents

Nothing is more terrifying than being involved in a car accident. In addition to attending to your own needs, you also have to worry about your passengers, your car, and taking the right steps. Unfortunately, if you aren't careful, you might end up destroying your personal injury case or hurting your own healing process. Fortunately, you don't have to go through that process on your own. With the help of a lawyer, you can worry about the things that really matter while a professional handles your phone calls, medical bills, and insurance paperwork. Check out my website to learn more about how a car accident lawyer could help you.


Self-Driving Car Accidents: Human Error Or AI Gone Crazy?

Technology has improved the lives of human on many levels. Rather than toiling away in factories and various other industries, automation makes life easier. However, automation is still a human concept, which means, like all technology, it is prone to errors.

The same can be said for vehicles that now include an autonomous approach, such as the semi-self-driving Tesla. If you are involved in a crash while driving a vehicle that has autopilot features, it is good to speak with an attorney and figure out who is at fault.

Not So Cut and Dry

When you are involved in an accident involving yourself and another driver, it typically comes down to who was at fault between the two of you. It is a rather cut-and-dry process. For instance, who failed to yield? Was someone driving recklessly?

Things become less clear when you add automation to the mix. At that point, self-driving cars introduce a third party to the mix, which is the vehicle's manufacturer and perhaps even the AI creator. That is not to say the manufacturer will willingly admit fault.

In fact, a history of crashes involving the self-driving Tesla has resulted in warnings from the company's CEL warning that drivers must always remain attentive when operating a vehicle on autopilot. Autopilot does not automatically release a driver from the rules of the road, such as keeping their hands on the steering wheel or relaxing to the point that he or she is not paying attention.

Possibility of a Faulty System

Although drivers must provide the same level of responsibility when operating an autonomous vehicle as they would with a standard vehicle, there may be some fault to the AI system. There may also be some fault that rests within the manufacturer. For example, Tesla manufacturers admitted that they were aware drivers would likely be inattentive with autopilot in active use.

With such an admission comes questions from lawmakers and experts asking why the manufacturer does not do more to address those problems. For instance, implementing an advanced warning system that encourages drivers to keep their hands on the wheel when using autopilot.

Sometimes a manufacturer could be held at fault if they know there are defects within the products they sell, especially if those defects cause injury or even death. Again, however, the subject of fault is a tricky one and requires the input of a professional, such as an auto accident attorney.

Not for Everyone

Proof that self-driving cars are not to be trusted to the point that you ignore your driving responsibilities rests in the response of other drivers on the road. Approximately 50% of drivers admit they wouldn't feel safe operating a self-driving car. Further, 45% of survey respondents reported that they always want to maintain control of a vehicle.

However, the responses prove that people have the wrong idea about self-driving cars. The truth is, drivers can and should remain in control of their vehicle, even when using autopilot. If you decided to give a self-driving car a go and found yourself involved in an accident, make sure you contact an auto accident attorney.

Seeking Legal Help

Considering the circumstances of your accident, you are dealing with various facts that require help from a knowledgeable legal team. An attorney can help you determine who was at fault in your situation. Make sure you provide all necessary paperwork and a statement about how the accident occurred. Use as much detail as possible.

Most important, however, is to ensure you are honest. Let your driver know if you followed the rules by keeping your hands on the wheel and remaining attentive. A lawyer will have better success helping you prove your innocence in the matter if you provide truth and accuracy.