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How Can You Avoid A Harsh Judgment If Facing DUID Charges? Find Out

Many drivers understand the consequences they may face when the police arrest them for DUI. They are also familiar with the measures they can take to avoid getting a severe punishment when they appear in court for this offense. However, some motorists do not know how to defend themselves when facing charges for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs (DUID). Significantly, it is advisable to seek legal help if the police arrest you or charge you with this offense. Your lawyer will likely raise the following arguments to help you avoid a harsh judgment when facing DUID charges:

If There Were Testing Errors

The way to prove that a DUID suspect is impaired is through the results of tests conducted after arrest. Unfortunately, some of these tests might produce false positives, which can make the victim face severe consequences. For example, this may happen if drivers take sobriety tests after eating food that makes them appear intoxicated. Some tests also produce false positives when patients have taken prescribed medication that produces results similar to those of intoxicants. Moreover, lab technicians might contaminate samples or mishandle test results. In such cases, your lawyer can send your samples for a second analysis. They then use the test results to prove that you were not intoxicated and that the police arrested you wrongfully. This can lead to a dismissal of your case for lack of evidence.

If You Were Not Impaired During the Arrest

Some drugs stay longer in the bloodstream, even after someone has regained sobriety. It can lead the police to conclude that a suspect is intoxicated and unable to operate a motor vehicle. Such a misconception can make you face serious consequences if convicted. A viable way to avoid this is by hiring a lawyer to help you challenge the test results. They will get experts to explain that you were sober regardless of having some residue of narcotics in your system. This might convince the judge to throw out your case or offer you a more lenient judgment.

If You Had to Take the Medication

If prescription drugs caused your impairment, your lawyer could argue that your doctor instructed you to use them. They will also assert that you needed your vehicle to get home. These defenses can be effective in your case and help you avoid harsh penalties.

As evidenced above, several effective defenses can be used to fight your DUID charges. Therefore, you need to hire a DUI lawyer to determine the one that will likely provide the most effective results. The legal practitioner will also help you get evidence to prove your innocence and avoid prosecution.

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